• Complete Denture Framework

Bio-inspired Design and Structural Optimization Lab

We are dedicated to the development of methods and computational tools for engineering design and additive manufacturing. We perform research that employs computer modeling and simulation for design, analysis, and synthesis of mechanical and biological structures. Our core expertise is in i) topology optimized design, and ii) computational mechanics, characterization, and simulation dealing with complex non-homogeneous multi-material. Also, we have been working on the mechanics-biomedicine interface and developing innovative design solutions which enhance our understanding of biological system and processes. Our ultimate goal is to create novel design methods that will enable us to design complicated heterogeneous multi-scale structures.

Research Interests

  • Multi-scale Multi-material Multi-physics Topology Optimization
  • Integrated Optimization Methods for Additive Manufacturing
  • Tunable Architected Materials
  • Biomimetic Design
  • Biomedical Modeling
  • Next-generation Implant and Prosthesis Design
  • Boundary Element Methods
  • Form, Function and Mechanics

Research Projects

  • Biomimetic Topology Optimization 
  • Additive Manufacture Driven Topology Optimization 
  • Design of Biomimetic Architected materials 
  • Design of Craniofacial Bone Replacement Implants  (Sponsor: NSF, VA)
  • Computational Modeling, Simulation and Validation of Tissue Transplantation (Sponsor: NSF)